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Sparks Yoga strives to create a unique, dynamic, and welcoming environment where you can be inspired and transformed by your yoga practice.

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Sparks Yoga Offers AIReal Yoga™, Hot Yoga, Traditional Yoga, Workshops, Fun Events, Onsite Massage Therapy, and More!

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Whether you are new to yoga or just new to this studio, learn about the Sparks environment and what we offer at our studio.


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AIReal Yoga™ Classes

AIReal Yoga™ is a form of yoga that uses a hammock that swivels freely on a single point to take your yoga practice to a higher level.

Floor Yoga Classes

We offer a variety of classes suitable for Beginners to Advanced Practitioners from Hot Power Flow, Warm Flow, Gentle Flow, Yogahour™ to Restorative Yoga.



Classes 7 Days A Week


Try 30 for $40!

Discover Sparks Yoga and all it has to offer with our 30 day unlimited yoga special for just $40! New students are encouraged to explore unlimited access to our AIReal Yoga™ program and full Floor Yoga Program including Hot Yoga, Flow Yoga, Gentle Yoga and more.


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"Love, love, love taking classes at Sparks! The instructors are knowledgeable and friendly and although I am just beginning my yoga journey, I always feel confident when I am in class because the instructors really walk you through the poses and help out when needed. Would definitely recommend Sparks to anyone thinking of taking yoga classes!"

Christina Marin

"First, this is a beautiful studio! From the moment I saw the photos on fb and instagram, I loved it! Secondly, this studio is filled with the sweetest, kindest teachers. They great you at the door with a smile. During the classes, they help you get into poses properly so you don't hurt yourself. And third.. AERIAL!!! You have to experience all of it! Savasna in the silk is heavenly!"

Amanda Brooks

"I LOVE this studio. I was in town visiting family and gave aerial yoga a shot. I’ve been to a ton of studios and this studio is BEAUTIFUL. The instructor was great and it was just an overall great studio. I highly recommend this studio if you are a newbie or an experienced yogi!"

Kristen Mecke


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