“Transformation comes not by adding things on but by removing what didn’t belong in the first place.”

I love this quote because it explains so much about what happens when we practice yoga. We come to yoga, often to transform. We want to transform our body by getting stronger and more flexible. We want to transform our mind by quieting down the chaos and lists. We want to transform our lives in some way. But the crazy thing about yoga is that when we surrender, let go of expectations, and give in to whatever comes up in that practice…we start to transform. It isn’t by addition – it is by surrender. 

Transformation begins with surrender. 

Surrender to what we think a yoga practice should be (it’s not instagram perfect). Surrender to what we think a yoga body looks like (yoga is for ALL bodies, ALL ages!). Surrendering takes work. A need for control is a human tendency. We like to control the outcome of our practice similarly to wanting to control what happens in life, right? But what happens when we slowly start to let this control go? In my experience, it is in these moments that true transformation takes place. Whether you’ve been practicing for years or are new to yoga, we have many opportunities for you to discover your place for transformation this month. We have added Fundamental classes to help learn the basics of yoga as well as many workshops to dive deeper into yoga. January is the month of resolutions. February is the month we decide to keep them! Keep practicing, keep discovering, keep transforming. 

Grateful for you,


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