Sparks Instructors

The Sparks Team is made up of some of the best instructors in the area. Many of our teachers hold multiple, specialty certifications and all teachers provide safe and effective multi-level classes for all.


Co-Owner, AIReal & Yoga Instructor

As co-founder of Sparks Yoga, Megan has avidly been exploring yoga long before she and her husband decided to open a studio. Her background in therapy and social work is ultimately what led her to seek further training in this mind-body therapy world.


Yoga Instructor

Joe is a former Marine. During a deployment Joe suffered a life threatening injury and lives to tell about it. As a result of his injury Joe underwent two open-heart surgeries. During his recovery, he was searching for something to calm his mind and his body.


Yoga Instructor

NATALIE BOURDON began her yoga journey at Jivamukti and Area Yoga in NYC. She was drawn to the focus on alignment and wisdom teachings emphasized in those practices. She believes that yoga practice provides an amazing opportunity for going inward and for a continued and sustained learning about yourself and being in the world.

In 2012, she took a workshop with Tias Little in Atlanta and immediately knew she had found her teacher. She began studying hatha yoga at his school in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she received her 200-hour certification. She is currently continuing her 500-hour program there as well.

Natalie’s classes focus on alignment, individual adjustment, and meditation. Students can expect to experience a class that both enlivens them and leaves them feeling deeply rested.


Yoga Instructor

It was love at first crow pose for Brittany. For her, yoga is the courage and strength she has always searched for. Brittany finds that her yoga practice is the one thing she can turn to when dealing with life’s struggles. Yoga is a constant source of peace and a place she can go to connect with herself.


Yoga Instructor

Ciara is an adventurous individual who enjoys stepping out of her comfort zone. Ciara first found yoga as an alternative way to combat digestive issues and since then turned it into a passionate lifestyle. Yoga became more than just a way to transform into a healthier individual.


Yoga Instructor

Tera Edwards moved to Macon in 1999 to attend Mercer University; while there, she was introduced to yoga and fell in love with its ability to calm the mind and focus on the present moment. After maintaining a home practice for many years, Tera took her first studio class as an act of self-care after becoming a stay-at-home mom. Much like her previous career as a criminal defense attorney, Tera sees yoga as an act of advocacy. Yoga provides students the strength to give both their body and minds the attention and care they deserve.

Tera received her 200 RYT certification at Homegrown Yoga in Warner Robins. She hopes to empower her students to honor their bodies and their abilities through a balanced practice of challenging and restorative asanas.


AIReal & Yoga Instructor

Jenny fell in love with yoga when it was first introduced to her in 2012. She found the lifestyle of yoga to serve her spiritually, mentally, and physically. Jen has always had an urge to help others and to make everyone feel welcomed and loved. 


AIReal Yoga™ Instructor

Jessica fell in love with yoga while earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Southern Mississippi. During this time she learned how to use yoga to recover and strengthen the body and mind, and now incorporates these practices into most of her dance classes to aid in injury prevention.


Yoga Instructor

Autumn stepped into a power flow class looking for a new way to workout but instead ignited a fire within her. As a working mom, health coach and student, she understands life gets busy and can be tough to balance.


Yoga Instructor

Long before Tia became a yogi, she was a runner. It was such a great physical and mental release that the races she chose became longer and longer. Because of this, she added yoga to her training because of its ability to strengthen, lengthen, and balance the body. What she found was that yoga brought a feeling of calm awareness that permeated her life off the mat. To deepen her own practice, she completed her 200 hr RYT at Homegrown Yoga in Warner Robins. Her classes seek to challenge the body while maintaining a lighthearted, relaxed vibe.


Yoga Instructor

Anna is a lover of all forms of movement and creativity. As a constant seeker of personal transformation and self-expression, Anna found that yoga was the key to connecting and unleashing her truest spirit.


Yoga Instructor

In her first ever tree pose, Alex found that yoga was more than just a physical practice but rather a dance of life. It’s filled with emotion flowing from one thing to the next while simultaneously teaching us how to grow in our patience, strength, perseverance, and most importantly love for others and ourselves. Since 2017 Alex has strived to deepen her practice which prompted her to complete her 200 hr RYT at Homegrown Yoga in Warner Robins.


Yoga Instructor

Molly discovered yoga in college and immediately felt the powerful healing effects it had on her physically, mentally and emotionally.  While living abroad for a year, Elena Brower’s yoga for beginners DVD sparked a love affair that set her on her yoga journey.  Molly then moved to Atlanta where she discovered teacher Gina Minyard.  Gina’s focus on alignment, awareness of the subtle body and precise verbal cues led Molly deeper into her body and her yoga practice.  After completing her 200 hour training at Asheville Yoga Center in 2013, she did further training on yoga for cancer at Duke Integrated Medicine in Durham, NC and prenatal yoga at Tough Love Yoga in Atlanta, GA.  She is constantly amazed by what the human body can do and feels yoga is a beautiful expression and celebration of that.  She is humbled and honored to bring her love of yoga, specifically prenatal yoga, to the Sparks family. 


Yoga Instructor

Elizabeth teaches yoga because she loves the art and wishes to share the beauty with others while shaping her own craft. Elizabeth completed her 200-hour teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, NC.


Yoga Instructor

Keri took her first structured yoga classes as a senior in college in the basement of a kinesiology building at William and Mary. She looked forward to the classes every week and when the semester ended knew that her yoga practice had just begun. She spent the next decade in DC and tested out many flavors and methodologies of yoga throughout those years with an affinity toward heated practices. Her devotion to the magical art and science of yoga grew stronger in parallel to her personal evolution. Yoga has played a significant and restorative role in her life and she is thrilled to share the joy and magic as a teacher after practicing for so many years. Keri migrated south in 2014 and completed her 200 hour RYT Baptiste training at Dancing Dogs Yoga in Atlanta in 2019.