Staying Healthy Together

To Our Sparks Family ~

We are aware there are many questions and concerns with the constant flow of news as it relates to the COVID-19. We take your well-being very seriously, and it is important to us that you continue to rely on Sparks as a place you can safely practice. We are closely monitoring the updates and recommendations from the CDC and the medical leaders in our community and will continue to air on the side of caution as we move forward. 

As it stands, we will continue classes, keeping our normal schedule. In addition to our regular daily and deep cleaning routines, we will double down on those efforts to try to maintain the utmost level of care for a safe and clean environment. 

What WE can do to help:

“Bring Your Own Mat”

This one is important. We urge students to bring your mat or we have mats for purchase. If you choose to rent a communal mat, we now require the use of a towel on top. We have added multiple types of antibacterial/antimicrobial disinfecting wipes/spray throughout the studio: If you use a Sparks mat, clean thoroughly and hang to dry. A teacher will come behind you and disinfect again before storing the mats behind the desk. For now, it is our recommendation that students use their own mats. 

“Props Talk”

Teachers are reducing the use of props. Specifically, no heated classes will use props. 

For those classes that might use minimal props: We are diligent in cleaning the props regularly, and will make sure to disinfect all props after each use. We encourage students to bring your own from home if you have them. We have ordered new props to sell for individual use, and we hope to have these in next week. 

We will continue AIReal Yoga. We have always maintained a strict cleaning process of the swings. We will wash them as often as possible and continue spraying disinfectant after each use. If students feel more comfortable purchasing their own swing, this is a great opportunity to do so. Ask us how to purchase, and we will get you a swing asap!

“Don’t Sweat It Out”

Another important one. We get it. Sometimes it feels good to sweat out a minor cold, but this is not the time to do this. Do your body a favor, and your fellow yogis a favor by staying home if you feel at all sick.

“Wash Your Hands!”

This is a given, right? One we can help each other remember. Wash your dang hands. Always!

“Reach Out if You Have Qs”

Please feel free to call us at 478-250-3028 or email us at if you have questions or concerns. We are here to help!

“Stay Calm”

We understand there are many unknowns out there causing fear. Let’s focus on what we know and the ways we can help. Sparks strives to use yoga to inspire, de-stress, and create a sense of calm –  especially in times like these. I will go as far as to say that we need yoga MOST in times like these. Be smart and use caution, but don’t give up your yoga practice. Keep moving. Keep Healthy. Keep lifting people up – both in the studio and in the community. We are in this together, and we are proud to offer a space that supports this mission. 

Grateful for every single one of you,

Megan & The Sparks Team

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