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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below for important information regarding our policies, as well as frequently requested information.

AIReal Yoga™ Policies

Our AIReal classes are limited in size due to the limited number of swings. We recommend signing up for all AIReal classes in advance in order to secure your spot. If you cannot make it to class, we ask that you remove your name at least 4 hours in advance to avoid a no-show fee of $10 and to open this swing up for another person.

If I’m new to yoga, what classes should I start with?

Most of our classes accommodate all levels of practice, however, there are classes that will help optimize your ability to learn the foundations of yoga if you are a beginner. We suggest you try Yoga Break, Restorative Yoga, Gentle Flow, or YogaHour to get your practice started. These classes offer foundational poses and are taught at a slower pace than some of the other classes. Know a little yoga and want to go further? Our Flow classes are great choices for you. CLICK HERE for descriptions of all classes.

What do I need to know to take my first class?

Yoga, like anything else worth learning, takes practice. Your first yoga class may seem confusing at times, but we urge you to have fun with it, do what you can, and stick with it! The teachers are there to help you, so let them know you are new and ask questions after class. Remember, people see the most progress when they practice often, so we encourage you to buy the New Student Special, which is $40 for 30 days of unlimited classes, and come as much as you can!

What exactly does “hot” mean in the heated classes?

We chose to equip the main studio room with infrared panels, which use radiant heat instead of forced air heating. The panels are unique in that they will first heat objects instead of heating the air around us. The many benefits include sun-like warmth that gently heats up our bodies to increase blood circulation and rid us of toxins. There is no emission of dust or allergens during this process, which helps keep the air clean and easy to breathe. The temperature varies within our heated classes, so check out the full class descriptions for the details of each.

I forgot my things! What should I do?

Not a problem! We have mats and towels for rental ($1/each). We sell water ($1.50 and up). We sell Jade Mats as well, so you have the choice to buy your own to keep.

What is the best pricing option for me?

There are many different pricing options to choose from. We believe the best place to start is the New Student Special which gives you 30 days to take unlimited classes and decide what works best for you. Have a busy schedule and not sure when you can take classes? The Class Packs are best for you. Know you have time to do lots of yoga? We suggest you buy our Sparks Membership Package. There are also Drop-In options and combination options for Floor and Aerial classes.

Any tips for class?
  • Drink plenty of water before class (especially for the heated classes).
  • Everyone is different, but it is our recommendation that you practice on an empty stomach (little to no food 90mins prior to class).
  • Wear comfortable clothes that you can freely move in.
  • Shoes and socks can be left outside the studio. Yoga is best done barefoot.
  • Please arrive at the studio approximately 10-15 minutes early to settle in and pay.
  • You have the option to before arriving at the studio to save time.
  • Leave cell phones and anything connected to a cell phone out of the studio.
  • Leave any personal belongings in the community area outside the studio.
  • We want the studio room to be a place of peace before classes start. In order for everyone to have these moments, please respect the quiet before class.
  • Come in, get settled, and get ready to have fun!
Where should I park?
  • College Hill Commons parking lot
  • On-street parking across from the studio on Washington Ave
  • On-street parking on Orange St
  • On-street parking around Washington Park on Magnolia (there is a path through the park to the studio)
  • Holsey Temple Cme Church parking lot across the street.
  • We do not suggest parking at Washington Library, as they have their own parking restrictions.