Why Buy A Yoga Mat?

Starting July 1st, we are changing our policy on mats. We will still offer a free mat rental for any first time visit, but after that we will charge a small fee of $2/mat rental. In doing this, we want to highly encourage everyone to purchase your own yoga mat! It is worth it, we promise you! Here are the why’s:


Your yoga mat is your space dedicated only to you. It is significant to have this practice space for you and you alone. Your yoga mat is uniquely yours and provides a sanctuary within any yoga class you attend no matter where you are. Our yoga mats hold space for us. Our mats hold stories only we know. Our mats provide that safe sanctuary for us to learn on, fall into, and grow. When we step onto our mats, a kind of peace can take over where we know “This is my hour. This is my space. This is my peace.” Personally, my mat has traveled all over the world with me, and I am reminded of these adventures each time I step on my mat to practice.


As much as we don’t like to think about it, yes, germs are a thing. Because of this, we make sure all of our mats are disinfected after each use. However, over time, the wear and tear of constant disinfectant and multiple uses a day can take its toll on the mats and cause them to break down more quickly. The result can be a mat that is more slippery and less effective than one that isn’t a shared resource.


Investing in a high quality mat is worth it. Yes, it seems a bit pricey up front, but the quality and the amount of years it will last is worth the purchase. We sell Jade Mats at our studio because this brand is one of the absolute best. It has enough cushion for your joints, is slip resistant and stays in place on the floor, and will last you for years. Additionally the company provides eco-friendly products and will plant a tree for every mat sold. Win win for everyone!

Not everyone will want to purchase an expensive mat, and we get it. There are many other options! You can find mats as low as $15-$20 at most athletic stores, and these still work.

We will also be selling our used Jade mats for $20/mat if you’d prefer to purchase one of these.


There are lots of options, and we are here to help. Still not sure what to buy or why? Ask one of our teachers and we will help you pick the best mat for your type of practice! If we don’t carry the color you like, let us know and we will order the mat of your choice!


Looking forward to seeing a room full of colorful mats!




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