Anniversary Thank You!!

As we celebrated 2 years of Sparks Yoga this spring, I spent time reflecting on how special these years have been. These last two years have been quite a journey: One of growth, of so much goodness, of some trials and hardships, but also of friendships, beautiful connections, and most of all great big love.


When we set out to open a downtown yoga studio, the name was one of the most important pieces to its foundation. I knew I wanted the name to be symbolic of that light we feel when our life is full, when we are inspired, when we are truly, fully alive. Because to me, that is yoga. When I practice yoga, no matter what kind of class it is, how long I practice, or how I did physically; when I leave that class, I always leave feeling more alive and full than when I walked in. Yoga, quite simply, lights a spark within us. Each time we come together to practice, that spark has the potential to ignite beyond the walls of the studio and out into our lives.


Over the last two years, the name Sparks has come to mean so much more to us. The spark within our studio is more than a name and even more than the feeling within: It is YOU. You are the light that shines bright. You are the ones who inspire all of us and lift each other up.


You Are Sparks.


We are forever thankful we get to be a part of this lit-up, beautiful, ever growing community. It is magical. Thank you for sparking up Macon’s yoga community so brightly! It’s been an amazing journey to watch, and we are honored to be a piece of it. May we all continue to find that light within ourselves and use it to help one another shine!


Grateful for you,


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